My mount broke. How do I get a replacement?

Send an email to our support. We will send you a replacement free of charge. 

Is my RIDEYE only compatible with PC?

RIDEYE is designed to work with all computers. 

Can I use my RIDEYE in the rain?

Yes, RIDEYE is incredibly water resistant, with an International Protection Rating of IP65. 

I stripped/lost/broke the screws to my mount. Where do I get more?

We have plenty of extras. Contact our support, and they will ship you replacements. 

Your site mentions a helmet mount. How do I get one?

We are currently testing out helmet mounts. Send our support an email if you are interested in trying one. 

Is it possible to mount RIDEYE upside-down?

Yes, RIDEYE will automatically sense that it has been mounted upside-down and flip all your videos right-side-up. 

How do I connect RIDEYE do my computer?

Connect the included Micro USB cable to your RIDEYE, then press the button to turn RIDEYE on. It will show up on your computer as a removable drive.

My RIDEYE has a fast red flashing light. What should I do?

The fast red flashing light indicates that your RIDEYE's memory is full of protected video files, so loop recording cannot continue. Please format your RIDEYE using the instructions found in the user manual.

How do I set the time on my RIDEYE?




If any of the following questions apply to you, it is most likely due to a software error. In these situation we suggest leaving your RIDEYE on until the battery dies, then performing a firmware update. To do this please refer to the Firmware Update section of the manual.

The light on my RIDEYE is not blinking correctly. How do I fix this?

Why is my RIDEYE is saving video files when no crashes have occurred?

Why is there is no light on my RIDEYE blinking?

The time and date on my RIDEYE resets after each power on/off. How do I stop this? 

Why is the battery in my RIDEYE not lasting as long as it's supposed to?

My RIDEYE will not power on/off. What can I do about this?

Why can't I access the files on my RIDEYE?

Why won't my RIDEYE connect to computer?

How can I fix my microphone? It is not recording and/or is turning on/off unexpectedly. 




We're happy to hear from you, but please read through our FAQ before contacting us.  Send any inquiries not found here to